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 Biggleswade Deanery

Diocese of St Albans

A partly rural deanery, with a tradition of joint worship and an active synod.

Diocese of St Albans


Deanery Synod

The Deanery Synod meets normally 3 times a year.  Its meetings centre around a visiting speaker on a wide range of topics from ministry to stewardship.  We try to include a Deanery Eucharist within one meeting.  Each year the Synod votes on a charity to be its fund raising Project for the year.  The Projects alternate between home and overseas charities.  The collections from the various Deanery services are augmented by funds raised by individual parishes in aid of the Project and presented at the June evening service.

Each parish has up to 4 representatives voted for a 3 year period.  The current membership of the House of Laity were elected in 2011 and will serve until 31st May 2014.  The Synod elected 4 members of the Diocesan Synod  House of Clergy and 3 members of the House of Laity.


The Deanery has an active Chapter which meets monthly around the Deanery.